Repeatedly, God in His Word tells us, "bigger, stronger church." We believe and know that God keeps His Word, and does not say anything wrong. All he has to Vladivostok, he is sure to make. Today, Word of Life Church in Vladivostok, develops its activities in several areas: Children's ministry, youth ministry, ministry to the people drug addicts and alcohol addicts, and codependents people. In addition, we conduct a Christian education for Bible courses give basic knowledge about God, the Bible and the Christian life. We are actively developing the work on the Internet, try to cover all segments of the population, so that everyone can hear the Good News of God.

Children's ministry
Children - our future, we are concerned about the legacy we leave to them. For the Word of Life Church is very important to pay attention to children, to show them an example of life without drugs and alcohol to the little people, to see not only the "dirty" side of life, which is actively poured media through TV screens, but have seen living examples, joyful and happy life. Real Christian is always happy, his trust in God, so the situations and circumstances can not shake his faith. We are ready and willing to share his joy with the kids through the holidays and public events, we want to give them the utmost attention and care. We believe that God has a great deal for the future of these children, and for us, as adults, have a great responsibility not only to give them business, but also to organize their childhood now. Our goal - to give children a colorful childhood.

Youth ministry
Young people - our present, it is at this stage the identity of the person, the first victory and defeat, the conclusions and errors, the mass of events, full of all these youth. Great time, but many of the effects in the lives of youth depend on it, from the circle of friends and hobbies. We know that young people are active, loves creativity and strive for self-realization. Word of Life Church seeks to participate in the life of teenagers, give them a hand of friendship that they have always known that there are many people who are interested in their lives. One of the youth movements, started Word of Life Church - Rap Battle KeFir. Kefir - a competition between rap artists at such competitions come of the young people, we are actively promoting a healthy lifestyle, are against alcohol and drugs. All participants are prohibited profanity, for breaking the rules, young people are removed from the competition. Spending Chephirah we support young people, telling them that their time is now, where they can be free and happy, without the dependencies and drugs. Also, we invite young people to close communication on youth Alpha courses. Alpha course is gaining popularity, there we communicate a lot and encourage teens good and important tips, often with issues they find it difficult to approach their parents.

Ministry for drug addicts, alcohol addicts, and codependents people
Drug and alcohol abuse - a problem of modern society. Drugs claim thousands of lives, stealing precious time and take away health. Many church officials familiar with the word of life with this terrible and ruthless beast, whose name Heroin. While in drug people do not understand what he was doing, his mind clouded, he is in chains, which are firmly held and dictate the rules of life. Many of the drug addicts understand that there is only one way out of the drug - is death. But we are starting the service addicts put an end to this issue and talking to everyone that the only way out - it is life. That is the title of our Church, Christian Church "Word of Life", by the word, then the Life! And this Word, we share with the people in our rehabilitation centers, in practice, the word has great power of recovery. People are not only exempt from the addiction, but never return to drugs. Create families, give birth to healthy children, and for many of them, this is another miracle that God does.

We are in special classes with close friends. Parents need to be prepared to meet the new and changed man, the rehabilitation period is six months, during which time, the parents have a lot to learn. It is advisable to return home, the former rehabilitants felt comfortable, was free to read the Bible, discuss general questions of Christian doctrine, to see not only the interest but also the spiritual maturity, and to pray together at the family table blessing the food which God hath given. If parents do not attend the course, the child back home, will not see the support, will not see the spiritual atmosphere, and the lack of understanding makes it difficult to communicate.

Internet ministry
The Internet has become an integral part of our lives, thousands of Internet users, daily use or spend time in fellowship with friends. Online a lot of good and bad things. Network - this is real people, where the people there should be a choice and demand. Word of Life Church preaches the gospel, launches new online projects that will bear much fruit. We thank God for the opportunities He gives us to realization. Today, we are developing a biblical online course, believe that we will do everything.

Relations with the government and the authorities
Word of Life Church holds prayer services, we bless the rulers and authorities of the city, we know that all power is from God, so do not break the existing rules and laws. Word of Life Church of Vladivostok have legal registration, we are always open to dialogue and willing to report on their activities. During the work, we were able to build relationships with government agencies Drug, hospitals and the police. Actively working with the precinct area, which houses our rehabilitation center.

Relationships with enterprises and companies
Today, we want to establish more charitable work. The priority for us is to increase the rehabilitation center, so that we can help not only to a small number of individuals, but also to help many people in need of liberation from dependency or simply recover in life. Having a lot of ambitious plans, even now, have responded to our call for a number of commercial organizations and private entrepreneurs, they provide all possible assistance in support of the rehabilitation center, helping us with food and other assistance. We are grateful to everyone who responds to the call to do good together.

Service to older persons
These are just plans, but their implementation is approaching. Our seniors need help, sometimes they need a simple home help, we feel responsible for them, that pensioners need a decent old age. We, as a church, we want to display the utmost care for the elderly.